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To learn about best practices and incorporating daily recognition

Are you looking to take a first step towards improving your approach to employee recognition?

Learn how employee recognition can become a powerful talent management tool. Our workshop will help you discover core recognition concepts in order to develop best practices.

Theme:  Recognition and how it can drive performance
Intended for:  Management teams
Formats:  60-minute conference or 3-hour workshop

Workshop goals:

1. Highlight the importance of employee recognition

  • Fact-based illustration of the benefits
  • The four levels of organizational maturity

2. Develop a culture of recognition based on core concepts

  • Define the role of the management team and individual managers
  • Learn the fundamentals of an effective employee recognition strategy
  • Forms of employee recognition: what should you recognize?
  • Effective recognition: which approach should you take?

3. Gather ideas to begin taking action

«The workshop enabled us all to be on the same page when it comes to employee recognition. Thank you Altrum for your great advice and practical assistance.»  Alexandra Nadeau, Boulangerie St-Méthode

Are you looking to empower your managers? Orange enables them to easily integrate employee recognition techniques into their management approach.

Explore the Orange Program – an innovative approach that helps improve the effectiveness of employee recognition. The result? Employees are more motivated and committed.

  • A practical approach in the form of micro-learning
  • Activities that are fully integrated into the workplace
  • Expert videos and tests to use with employees
  • More than fifteen practical tools (mnemonics, flashcards, etc.)
  • A support structure, built to encourage learning

«This Program stands out from other training approaches. We are constantly in action with this approach, enabling us to retain more information than if we’d simply spent two days in a classroom» Jean Poulin, Desjardins Caisse du sud de la Chaudière

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