Case study : real time feedback

How Altrum helps a multinational’s call center agents in India understand Canada’s winter.

The challenge

To provide an excellent service, a call center agent must rapidly create a relationship with the customer.

This is the utmost difficult thing to do as in most circumstances, clients do not call to say how satisfied they are with their products. The usual tactic of a call center agent would be to talk about the weather. But what happens when you live in India and don’t know what Canada’s winters are? You have no clue what a snow storm is, or a snowman for that matter. And you might think that a snowball fight is the most violent thing that exists!


The company reached out to Altrum’s expertise to educate external call centres on winters in Canada and how fun they could be, using a sales incentive campaign.

The strategy was very simple. If the call center agent achieved the targeted amount of sales, he would be rewarded with a game. Depending on his actual performance playing the game, he would get points to be exchanged in merchandise or PayPal. This game, called Catch The Winter Gift, consisted of throwing snowballs at gifts randomly flying in a winter scenery without hitting the wildlife.


The success of this game was immediate. The call centre agents wanted to play this winter experience so much that they improved their performance by 15% in sales overall in the first month.

The excitement also brought another positive twist. The call monitoring team acknowledged that calls were much more positive. Before the game, agents would address clients with: ”Oh it’s winter, it must be very cold!” getting customers in a bad mood before solving their problem. Now after playing Catch the Winter Gift, they start the conversation on a more positive note: “Is it snowing? You are so lucky…perfect temperature for a snow fight or to do a snowman!” This change of tone opened up the conversation on a positive note and made it easier to build the necessary trust towards client satisfaction.

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