Gamification of product’s launch

How Altrum helps a multinational increase new knowledge about products.

The challenge

When it comes to launching a new product, one of the most important item on the marketing team’s check list is to make sure those who will be selling the product know all there is to know about it.

After the training, salespeople must answer a test to validate their knowledge. The marketing team can then very rapidly adjust the content based on the test’s results. The quiz was not a fun part of the learning process and was often skipped for lack of time.


The company reached out to Altrum expertise to increase participation in the testing of salespeople all around the world. The strategy was very simple. We wrote the test using game mechanics, adding music and visual elements to make it fun and engaging. Adding a timer and animations really brought the testing phase to another level.

Imagine being on the popular show “Who wants to be a millionaire” or “Are you smarter then a 5th grader”. The adrenaline that spurs in your body when the clock is ticking. And then, when you get that answer right, the shot of dopamine you get simply makes you happy. You got it right!


The success of this strategy was immediate. Before, quiz participation was at 30% to 35% but with the animated quizzes participation rose to 85%, much more than expected! The marketing team was pleased and was able to get the assurance that salespeople were ready to launch new offers or products.

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