Study Case: EMD-Batimo

Inspire, celebrate and motivate employees all in one place.

Find out how Altrum Recognition supports EMD-Batimo in setting up a solution that promotes the recognition of employees’ successes, and thus, helps solidify their sense of belonging to the company.


EMD-Batimo, one of the leaders in its industry, owns many residential complexes, including residences for retirees.Caring about their customers, who felt isolated due to the pandemic, decided to set up extraordinary initiatives to keep seniors connected during the crisis, such as the channel

While it is important for our client to treat their customers with care, they never lose sight of the needs of their employees. They are constantly looking for ways to improve in order to maintain good retention of their staff.

Following the completion of an organizational survey, employees mentioned that they did not receive the desired level of recognition from their managers, despite the great initiatives put in place. Additional research was therefore carried out in order to find potential partners who could support them and resolve this problem.

Altrum’s Enkourage platform has proven to be the ideal solution for improving internal recognition from managers and other employees.


The Enkourage platform has made it possible to bring together several company recognition programs under one roof. As an example, they have set up a program to reward employees for their social involvement or for good health and safety results. From there, customers can choose different rewards. To start, this company has decided to offer exclusive corporate clothing. As they ramp up in the coming months, they will be adding gift cards to their store to support the local economy. This is a priority for them!

The company has developed a short training module for its managers and team leaders to make them more aware of the importance of recognition at work. Managers are encouraged to visit Enkourage to recognize their employees’ successes as often as possible. Employees are also encouraged to mention good deeds from colleagues via the Recognition Wall, which is available from your mobile phone or computer. Whether for small or large victories, each success is recognized and celebrated.


Employees are delighted to be able to select clothing with their company logo that they can proudly wear. Thus, promoting the employer’s brand and the employees’ sense of belonging to the company.

This is a great movement, that is currently underway, where employees truly enjoy the recognition they receive.
They feel a great sense of pride, especially when their name is found on the Recognition Wall. These awards have become a great source of continued motivation for these employees who now receive recognition commensurate with their dedication to their work.

Our team of Enkourage experts was able to support the client in setting up this solution. Using an easy and simple process, accompanied by discussions, best practices and recommendations to optimize the benefits. This reassured our client throughout the evolution of the project.

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