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Ebook How to keep call centres agents motivated

E-book : How to keep call centres agents motivated

Speed, productivity, cost reductions, quality… and how to keep agents motivated and happily at their posts every day.

Millions of people around the world work in call centres, making it one of the biggest employment sectors. Over 730,000 people work in U.K. call centres, some 300,000 in France and a half million are employed by Canadian call centres.

Since the very beginning, the call centre industry had undoubtedly been successful.

This document will meticulously investigate the problems associated with call centres, as well as the human concerns faced by call centre executives, managers and agents. What are the hardships, symptoms, costs and losses commonly observed in call centres? Some may see this discussion as leading to a dark place, but we will also conclude with technology-driven solutions that can make your call centre a better place.

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