Case study : Recognition of years of service

How Altrum Recognition simplified the commemoration of years of service and gave employees the possibility to receive the gifts they truly want.

The challenge

Duvaltex designs, develops, and manufactures high quality fabrics with the help of hundreds of skilled and dedicated employees. Managing the recognition of its employees’ years of service was turning into an extremely time-consuming project with its share of problems and challenges.

The human resources department had to manage the entire process itself, which took several months. They had to send recipients the very limited list of gift options, follow up with those who had not yet made their selection, order the gifts and wrap them.

It was an onerous undertaking that did not generate a real positive impact for employees.


Duvaltex turned to Altrum Recognition, who offered its Altrum Celebration turnkey program.

With this program, the only information the human resources department had to provide was an Excel file containing the recipients’ email addresses and number of years of service.

Altrum Recognition took care of the rest:

  • Each recipient received a personalized email from the president of the company congratulating them for their achievement and inviting them visit the Altrum
  • Celebration gift boutique.
  • Recipients were able to select from among more than 3,000 gifts.
  • Altrum Recognition took care of email and phone reminders to those employees who hadn’t yet made their selection.
  • Two weeks after the agreement was signed, all the gifts were selected, wrapped and delivered to Duvaltex  in plenty of time for the years of service celebration event.


Employees received the gifts they truly wanted. The HR team only had to provide an Excel list, and Altrum Recognition took care of the rest.

It was a success from start to finish!

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