Case study : real time feedback

How Altrum Recognition gives to call center’s employees access to their performance results in real-time and on a on-going basis.

The challenge

The companies’ management team is looking for a new solution that would combine performance assessment and gamified features, to fit with the corporate culture of fun and success.

Call center employees all work toward the same objective: to improve key performance indicators. This call center offers technical support to numerous clients. CGI is not satisfied with its current internal web program which is based on a badge system. That program does not meet their needs and employees receive their results two weeks after the end of the month. That late feedback does not allow them to keep track of their performance and improve on an on-going basis.


Altrum Recognition comes in to identify and resolve the challenges encountered by he company. They implement a new program that increases employee motivation and performance.

A team of stategists and analysts set a strategy based on the collected data about employee performance. They then use that data to communicate the most relevant key performance indicators in gamified graphics that are engaging. They identify four main KPI’s and skill sets, and determine the player types.

Altrum Recognition develops a gamified web platform that is available 24/7, 365 days a year. They add fun and easy-to-read dashboards. Employees can rank themselves and track their performance in real-time, creating a sense of friendly competition. They always have access to their results and are able to improve themselves on an on-going basis. Results are displayed on a scale of 1 to 5. It enables everyone to connect and reinforce the team spirit. Employees can now assess their own performance and are more motivated to surpass themselves.


Overall employee performance of the three call centers increases of 300% every month.

Over the first three months following the implementation of the program, we observe that every employee consult the dashboard 2.5 times a week on average. Therefore, they get a feedback 112% faster than they used to.

The problem related to the feedback timing is resolved and the number of weekly views on dashboards shows that employees are enthusiast about getting their results.

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