Case study: incentive campaign

How Altrum Recognition helps a multinational telecommunications company increase revenue using game mechanics

The challenge

The multinational has been using games in their call centers for many years. Whether bringing giant Plinko boards or spinning wheels, the company understood that the element of fun was a driver for increased performance.

However, with the externalization of calls centers, it was becoming more difficult to bring this strategy to remote agents. Getting the incentive campaign communicated and the prizes distributed was becoming more challenging. Also, tracking the payouts for taxing purposes was nearly impossible. Some agents didn’t even understand why they were getting a payout.


The multinational telecom company reached out to Altrum Recognition’s expertise to build a platform using game mechanics that engages call center agents in all location with an efficient virtual program. Supported by a web portal, agents are able to login and get specific information about the programs that can make them earn points. Being able to follow their performance with progress bars, ranking and results, agents and team leaders are now able to coach to specific targeted need.

To reward agents for reaching their targets, they receive access to an online game. Boxing, throwing superhero on buildings, catching gifts or money, games are highly anticipated by agents.


There are multiple benefits of using game strategies and mechanics in this program: the incentive program is more engaging, games drive revenue, budget can be stretched and games can link to a product launch or educate on a subject.

The success of games in call centers is proven. Agents are sometimes so engaged; they recreate the games in their work environments. With the platform, agents know exactly what they are being paid for, they understand what objective they must achieve and they are actively engage in increasing revenue.

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