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Reasons to improve
your recognition practices

Pour solidifier votre marque employeur

To solidify your employer brand:

66% of human resource managers affirm that their recognition program solidifies their employer brand1

Pour attirer les talents

To attract talent:

Consistently high performing employees are 19% more likely to work for organizations that adopt excellent recognition practices2

Pour améliorer la relation employeur-employé

To improve employer-employee relationship:

63% of employees who are dissatisfied with their relationship with their immediate supervisor mention the lack of recognition as the primary source of conflict3

Pour motiver vos employés à performer

To motivate your employees to perform:

69% of employees would work harder if they felt that their efforts were appreciated4

Pour une meilleure santé mentale

For better mental health:

The risk of psychological health problems is 6 times higher among employees who don’t receive recognition from their boss5

Pour diminuer le risque d’accidents de travail

To decrease the risk of work incidents:

Companies with a recognition program related to health and safety at work have seen their number of incidents decrease by 37%6

Pour augmenter le niveau d’engagement

To increase engagement:

85% of companies that invest 1% of the payroll in recognition see a positive impact on engagement7

Pour fidéliser vos employés

To retain your employees:

Companies who adopt a strategic recognition approach report an average turnover rate of 23.4% less than organizations who don’t have a recognition program8

Pour accroître la productivité

To increase productivity:

Companies that implement social recognition based on peer values see a 23.9% increase in productivity9

Pour favoriser la performance financière

To promote financial performance:

Organizations with the most sophisticated recognition practices are 12 times more likely to see a positive impact on their financial returns10

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