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Essential Features

40 activités

Recognition Wall

Instant recognitions and notifications / Individual or group recognitions / Add comments to recognitions / Newsfeed with adjustable settings

4 échanges en équipe

News Section

Segment news by business units / Insert charts or videos / Share surveys or quizzes

16 défis à relever

Points System

Attribute points to individuals or groups / Confidential and real-time points management / Points are exchangeable and redeemable at all times / Budget-control tool for administrators

Rewards Boutique

Over 4,000 products* and experiences available / Large array of modern gift options / Shipping is quick and free!

Want More?

You can! With Premium features, you’ll benefit from extra advantages including:

  • Incentive campaign modules
  • Real time KPI’s
  • Intangible rewards (like days off or donations)
  • Consultation hours with our experts
  • Advanced reporting

10 Reasons to Love Enkourage


Why Choose Enkourage?

For Employers

  • Private, customized and secured platform 
  • Easy and quick to implement 
  • Consolidate multiple incentive and recognition programs (values, sales, loyalty…) 
  • More flexibility and autonomy  
  • Bring together all your employees 

For Employees

  • Receive and give recognition daily 
  • Celebrate big and small milestones 
  • Accumulate and exchange reward points 
  • Easy and pleasant gift selection experience 
  • Accessible at all times on any device 

COVID-19 Assistance

5 Recognition Campaign Ideas to Motivate your Employees During the Pandemic

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"The biggest advantage is to feel closer to the team. It's the place to go for good news when work gets discouraging."

Genevieve, CI Advisor, Canada

"A great platform to voice our appreciation for those that help make the day-to-day run smoother. It makes for a better workplace."

Michael, Business Development, USA

“As a manager, you can’t have eyes on everything. Enkourage enables me to be in the know about the all the positive things that happen and allows me to highlight them”

Peter, Director, United Kingdom

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*For Canada, the number of available products varies by country

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