Looking for recognition gifts to offer your employees? Or perhaps you’re organizing a contest or drawing and need the perfect prize. How do you make sure everyone is happy? Here’s a solution:

Give the gift of choice!


It’s simple. Offer unique codes exchangeable for thousands of gifts.

“The process is simple and easy. We fully intend on repeating the experience!”

June Lamontagne, CHRA, Venture Carpets

“The employee receiving a recognition has access to a dynamic platform that enables them to choose a gift or experience that makes them happy.”

Marie-Êve Lachance, CHRA, Sintra

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3 Simple Steps


Buy the access codes that correspond to your budget


Give your employees the codes so they can access the online boutique

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Witness your employees’ happiness!

Gifts of all types

Can’t make everyone happy? We beg to differ! Whatever your employees are passionate about, they will find a suitable gift in our online boutique. In addition to physical products, they also have the option to choose experience vouchers like a lavish dinner for two, a day at the racetrack, or a weekend getaway at a bed and breakfast!



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Here is a sample of the recognition gifts available in our boutique



Free shipping, to your home or office

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Perfect for budgets of $50-$500 per gift

1 groupe de 8-12 gestionnaires

Options suited for all preferences

Secured access codes, available 24/7

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Discover how recognition gifts can make a difference within your organization

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