What Do You Do With Your Data?

 In Management & Organizational Performance

Companies generate a continuous stream of data. It all starts with the measures specific to each department: for example, HR measures retention, call centre managers measure of minutes per call, and the sales department measures daily sales.

These data are then interpreted to better target clients, forecast profits, identify anomalies such as fraud, place products, etc.


Since 2006, Karelab uses these data to drive motivation, engagement and fun at work. We analyze our clients’ data to pinpoint those variables with a view to influencing employees’ daily lives, having a direct impact on their well-being, and driving company profits.

By finding which products vendors sell least, analyzing the lowest performance indicators in a call centre, and determining which service has the lowest customer satisfaction rate, you can create gamified motivational campaigns to target the improvements you need.

Companies have no problem imposing objectives, but those objectives are often uninspiring, vague and repetitive. By analyzing your data, you can integrate game mechanics into your processes, thus offering your employees attractive, pleasant and stimulating objectives.

Turn your data into gamification-based motivational campaigns and reward them through mini games online. Let your data directly impact your performance!

To find out more about our gamified solutions, don’t miss our special gamification white paper!

Altrum Reconnaissance
Altrum Reconnaissance offre des outils et des programmes qui stimulent l’engagement et la mobilisation des employés afin de cultiver la performance de l’organisation. --- Altrum Recognition offers tools and programs that foster employee engagement and mobilization to cultivate organizational performance.
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