Retention & Loyalty: Prevention is Sweeter

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Lucie Morin, author of Retaining Employees, full professor of ESG UQAM and collaborator in the development of the Orange Program recently mentioned that “the key to a work environment that retains employees is a benevolent boss for whom the wellbeing of its employees is a priority ”[i].

As team managers, how can we motivate and mobilize our people in such contexts? The answer is simple: preventing is better than curing! The more managers can develop strong relationships with their subordinates, the more the quality of these relationships will be taken into account when more difficult times come.

According to a recent SOM-L’Actualité survey, almost 40% of Quebec workers have already left a job because of the bad relationship with their boss and 27% say they have thought about quitting a job because of the bad relationship with their superior.


Do not worry, there is hope at the end of the tunnel! Among the prevention tools accessible to all, there is one that is extremely powerful and inexpensive, and is sure to solidify the relationship between the employer (represented here by the manager) and the employee. That tool is recognition.

Be careful! We are not talking about creating an annual recognition program but rather allowing managers to develop the capacity to use recognition on a daily basis to better mobilize, motivate, engage, and retain their people.

If your management team is ready to try new avenues to “prevent” rather than “cure,” there is definitely hope!


Julie Lajoie, CRHA
Directrice principale chez Altrum reconnaissance, Julie est passionnée par la création et par la mise en place d’initiatives qui font une réelle différence en organisation. La considération et la motivation des employés sont au cœur de ses priorités. /// Director at Altrum Recognition, Julie is passionate about creating and implementing initiatives that make a real difference in organizations. The consideration and motivation of employees are at the heart of her priorities.
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