Recognition, an Ally to Women’s Ambition

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It is no longer a secret: recognition increases happiness at work. Practicing recognition every day in your company will undoubtedly have significant positive effects on the commitment and motivation of your colleagues and employees, hence the concept of return on recognition (ROR). Moreover, in a time when we want to see more women in leadership positions, recognition plays a major role in the development of self-confidence, the desire to contribute, and ambition.

Caring gratitude starts with yourself

To build a culture of recognition that is authentic, you must first practice self-caring recognition. Appreciating your own skills and abilities as a professional and manager is essential. Cultivating self-confidence and leadership is the source that will nurture recognition you can then share with others.

The power to give wings

We all know that leadership is not reserved to men, but why do they still have more than half the available positions in management? Do they tolerate risk better? Are they more confident? As a manager, you have the power to increase the level of ambition of the women on your team and to help create the female leaders of tomorrow.
Here are some simple ways to build leadership in your employees:

  • Request their opinion

Seeking your employee’s opinion on a task you have accomplished or a decision you need to make will show them that they matter to you.

  • Highlight a job well done

Highlighting an employee’s contribution to the success of the organization will fuel their self-esteem.

  • Trust

An employee you trust in carrying out a project will feel valued.

  • Give a “pat on the back”

Encouraging an employee is the best way to show that you believe in their skills.

Ah! that feeling of being inadequate that watches over us all.

Women are generally more inclined to feel inadequate and this is often what impedes their momentum. By practicing recognition with women in your organization, you will make a real difference in their career path and in the development of their ambition.

Anne Legault
Directrice solutions clients chez Altrum reconnaissance, Anne est animée par tout ce qui touche la reconnaissance au travail. Ses sources de motivation ? Aider les entreprises à stimuler l’engagement de leurs employés et voir ses clients développer une culture de reconnaissance qui donne des résultats concrets sur la fidélisation et la mobilisation des ressources humaines.   --- Client solutions director at Altrum Recognition, Anne is driven by all thing related to recognition in the workplace. Her sources of motivation? Helping companies foster employee engagement and watching her clients develop a culture of recognition that yields concrete results.
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