Would Your Team Benefit from Participating in the Orange Program?

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You’re considering the orange program. Perhaps you’d like to take your company culture to the next level, or help your management team go from good to great. Take the quiz to find out if your team could benefit from the orange program, or if you’re already an employee recognition pro!


I make sure to greet and ask my team members how they are doing daily.

say hello to your team members

I am always sincere when I recognize someone (i.e. I think the person truly deserves it). Otherwise, I refrain from recognizing.

man being recognized for good work

I use different means of communication to express recognition to my team.

employee recognition card

When I recognize an employee, I make sure to adapt the message and communication channel to the employee's style and personality.

adapt recognition to your various employees

When I recognize an employee, I am precise by specifically pointing out the employee's behavior and the benefit it had on myself or the company (cause and effect).

I react promptly after an employee's success and express my recognition right away (spontaneity).

I use mechanisms and systems to make sure I recognize my employees efficiently and often.

recognition systems

I incorporate different recognition practices at different milestone events throughout my employees' career (onboarding, performance review, years of service anniversary...)

Modern gift ideas for years of service

I incorporate recognition practices into my management rituals (i.e. celebrate wins in my weekly team meeting).

Team building activities employees

I have mechanisms in place to enable my team to give peer-to-peer recognition.

culture reconnaissance marque employeur

Would Your Team Benefit from Participating in the Orange Program?
Perfect Score!

Congrats! You are one of the few companies whose management team collectively uses recognition as a management tool. We want to know your story! Contact us to share your success.
Not bad!

Some behaviors are fantastic, but they are not adopted by your entire management team. It takes everyone to create a true culture of recognition! The Orange Program could help you get everyone on the same page. Contact us for more information.
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There is room for growth. Good news, we can help! Contact us to get more information about the Orange Program.

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