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Do you use gamification at work? Here we explore the intimate link that links motivation and gamification in companies.

Gamification is defined as the integration of game mechanisms into non-playful activities (in this post we are referring to work). Among these mechanisms is voluntary participation. Let us understand here that nothing constrains the individual, and yet he acts!


The term motivation appeared during the first half of the 20th century. Previously, psychology spoke of instinct, drive (translated by “energy” or “dynamism”). Researchers have always tried to understand why people take this or that action, that is, the reasons that motivate the behavior.

In 1950, the concept of motivation appeared with the psychologist Kurt Lewin. From these years, research has linked the notion of motivation to that of needs, whether these are psychological, fundamental (need for autonomy, social relationships, etc.) or even sentimental (need for self-fulfillment).


cited example is that of video game players who manage to achieve the flow phenomenon, focusing on the activity itself.

The objective of motivation research has always been to understand the voluntary behavior of individuals. Why take action in a context where nothing forces them to do so? This is exactly the light that gamification brings today on the notion of motivation.

Altrum has been implementing gamification in its customers since 2006. Gamification considerably increases employee motivation, as it aims to create stimulation, interest and attraction. By gamifying the non-play activities present in companies, such as sales objectives, safety rules or training, we offer employees the opportunity to voluntarily adopt behaviors entirely related to the activity itself. And these behaviors, these activities, are motivated!

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